Harry - our journey so far.

Created by Loraine on 27/05/2016

Today would have been your second birthday Harry, how we have missed watching you grow up into being a toddler that you would be today. Now we miss getting to see you go through all the milestones, that each stage would bring and each birthday to reflect on each childhood stage.
The memory of losing you on 20/2/ 2015, and the dreadful night, is very hard to talk about for the pain I felt when I got the a call from your mummy, and hearing her say, mum he's not going to make, please get a plane home, they think the strain will be to much on his heart. It was the single most devastating news I will ever hear, and not a something you ever want anyone to go through. Nor can you ever forget!
The journey home was a long dark night, holding your picture a healthy happy smiling boy tore my insides apart as I looked in to your laughing eyes, wandering what nightmare I had just stepped into.
By the time we arrived at the airport I got the call that you had slipped away in mummy and daddy's arms, your mummy recalls how you looked at her for the last time in to her eyes something she never forgets, just one of the many thoughts she has repeatedly over these last months.
The flight home was bad we cried most of the way, glancing at your picture and sobbing into each others arms, the loss of a grandson if not enough, but having to see my daughter and look at her knowing the most precious thing in the world had been in the most cruelest of ways, been ripped from her heart. Mummy and daddy were the bravest of parents that night.
I got to see you and hold that next day, I sang songs and told stories and prayed you hadn't suffered.
For mummy and daddy that week and your funeral they planned with love and care the best send of they could give, they were true warriors in their grief and showed tremendous love, pride, strength over desperate grief, pain and suffering, they continue to do this each day since you left some days are easier than others but your always with them. I am still full of gratitude to the village community that supported us all through this period, it touched so many and the acts of kindness I have seen, has been very humbling how generous and the kindness shown by so many, is a reflection of your time her and the love that has been shown for the family.
Harry, through Meningitis Now the charity, it has allowed mummy and daddy to keep your memory alive in a way they hadn't thought possible at the start, and now a year on your mummy and daddy will do a skydive and hold a charity ball in your honour and in honour of all other children and people affected by meningitis.
It has helped give your parents an out let, a channel, in which to pour their energy and to celebrate your life.
Your resting place is a beautiful garden with toys and flowers to brighten the coldest of days, many of the our friends and family visit you and and share in keeping your memory alive. A garden at home so your always near, that blossoms at this time of year with, a memory garden, made of toys and lanterns and flowers.
Harry, your loved by so many the list is to long, you made the deepest of impressions with you laid back way, your smile, and your chuckle, you were a delight, but most of all you are so loved by all that met you. We miss and love you Harry.